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Making Sure Your Wi-Fi Is Everywhere

Let’s face it, Wi-Fi is the greatest thing ever.

Everything is on Wi-Fi now. Your watch, smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV, game consoles, microwave, refrigerator. Heck, even grandma’s hearing aid is compatible with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Well, it’s the greatest thing ever until all those devices are chewing up bandwidth and bogging down the system. Or grandma wants to go into the back bedroom for some quiet time but still wants to be able to stream Lawrence Welk into her IoT hearing aid and there’s no signal.

Almost everyone who installs a Wi-Fi router ends up dealing with bandwidth and spotty signal issues. Welcome to the realities of the modern world.

We’re here to help.

The most common situation is that your Wi-Fi router is the one provided by your Internet provider. Their business model is not based on having their techs do a thorough analysis of your space and bandwidth needs. Their techs are there to run-and-gun when doing an installation — or they just left it up to you to figure out — which is why routers are often placed in basements or closets that do not provide optimal signal spread. And the routers often don’t provide enough bandwidth for all those devices that have come online.

JPH Tech Systems can come into your space, analyze its physical realities, and talk to you about the demands that your Wi-Fi system is likely to face. Then we’ll design and install a system that will get the job done. We specialize in Ubiquiti UniFi hardware and software that will boost your Wi-Fi experience, but have other solutions as well.

This can include providing Wi-Fi for exterior areas that may require them.

The Internet isn’t just an indoor activity, now is it?

We’ll make sure you get the combination of speed, signal strength, and available bandwidth you need — whether we’re talking about your business, your home, or a combination of the two. Whether it’s making sure your business can transfer data and documents that are vital to your business’s success or making sure that grandma is happy, we’ll set up a system that meets your needs.

Lets get you connected.