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JPH Tech Systems

You’re Not In the
Business of IT Support

Our business is to help you concentrate on your business.

And your business is not managing information technology. That’s what we do.

For over 25 years we’ve been in the business of information tech support. JPH Tech Systems is here to handle those hard to understand, time-consuming, and frustrating facts of modern IT.

Contemporary computer technology provides tools more powerful than could have been imagined 50 years ago. They allow businesses to collect and analyze data as never before. Well … when they work they do.

We’ll make sure your computer and IT systems work. As a matter of course, we stay current with the latest cutting-edge IT technology. Because that’s the business we’re in.

Exceptional Service

We’ve built our business by providing the best in support services for PC, networking, Wi-Fi, cloud storage, and Office 365 integration. Our team can design, modify, and repair your IT systems so that your team can concentrate on getting their jobs done.

And that’s our job: helping you get your job done. We do this by making the tools of the modern office something you can depend on (which, let’s face it, isn’t how it always seems to work).

Having an in-house IT support staff is expensive and another headache for the HR department.

Let us make it easier

With a customized support contract that allows us to serve your needs with our team of dedicated IT professionals. We have established business partnerships with technology companies such as Intel and Microsoft that give us access to the latest products and solutions.

Let us do the hard work of optimizing
your business’s technology requirements.

Amazing Partners

Lets get you connected.